Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Video Preview Module Ready

Bassa can now convert most video types to FLV (Adobe Flash Video). This is done by using After downloading the video content this module starts performing. mod_flv relies on ffmpeg and it works in an asynchronous fashion, that means it works in background even after download notification has been sent to the front-end. Once encoding and decoding is completed it will send the meta content notification to the front-end. After front-end updates it's meta content status, the users will start watching FLV movies (full movie or a preview, according to the configuration of mod_flv) on the web interface.

This feature will take Bassa to home networks. Now users can organize their downloaded multimedia content in a better way than they did earlier. Bassa developers are planning to build an RSS TV module for Bassa, so content shared by RSS TV feeds can be downloaded automatically and convert in to full length FLVs or previews by Bassa. This makes your internet downloads more manageable.

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