Monday, July 9, 2007

Bassa a New Mode of Operation

Bassa will support a new mode of operation called 24x7. Currently Bassa queue requests coming in to it and start downloading when it receives a signal at a predefined time. Similarly it will stop downloading the queued requests for the second signal. This is the way Bassa is working, which is ideal for low bandwidth networks.

But to enjoy the benefits of Bassa in a high bandwidth network above mentioned behavior should not impose limitations on its users. For high bandwidth networks there is no need of keeping requests in a queue until a signal is received. To achieve this we plan to introduce a 24x7 mode which means that Bassa will start downloading content as soon as the requests come from the user. Once this is enabled Bassa's configuration file will have a directive to set modes. If this directive is set to 24x7 it will be ready for high bandwidth networks by disabling queuing option, but keeping all other features boasted as many times in this site. If the directive is set to default it will be using the famous queuing option.

This mode of operation will also support bandwidth rate limiting. Therefore the bandwidth usage of Bassa could be limited before web browsers start starving without enough bandwidth.

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